Raven was a doll that belong to Bianca and Bianca love her very much .'there sleep together '. there play together .' she even take her to the movies .'but as the years past Bianca change from a kid to a adult ' she even had her own toyshop and raven was a mascots of the shop ' .then she had enough money to buy her own home she even had a beach and a pool in her backyard .'one day Bianca pack up all of her childhood toys . she even pack raven away .raven I promise that I will give you to my child said Bianca as she closed the box 'raven didn't like the dark but she knew that she will come soon .. as the months past Bianca got marry .to Aaron .and believe it there love east other. And there work hard to keep the toyshop clean. 'and For 10 year raven was in the box. She waited and waited .until a policeman doll came and say all toys come with me and you be play with all kinds of children said tom .' who ever you are am not going am staying here said raven .,.' fine but dos anyone ells want to join said tom '.. I will I hade I been here to long said ann … 'but you cant leave ann you belong to Bianca said raven .'. now look she got me from a shop and she made you raven you can wait here 4 her or you can come with us said ann .. ann was right raven knew that she will never see Bianca ' all of toys follow tom ..'then Bianca enter the attic she fine the box but was emit .. raven where are you ..'meanwhile raven and pals enter a daycare .and there all love there new home there play with the kids all day ,even raven had fun , but what she didn't know that a pare of eyes was watching like a hawk and james was his name he was the boss of the playroom toys and he wanted raven as his queen ..'then late at night .;wake up raven you got to leave said mrpickles ..what going on said raven .come on we got to go or he fine you said mrpickles .. so they ran .. who are you talking about said raven .. He the boss of the toy room and he want you said mrpickles ..' but why does he want me said raven . he has 1 leg just like you he got it when a child broke him ok now let go said mrpickles ..' now wait I have a plan I have a friend that could fix him her is Bianca she the 1 who made me she even has the power to talk to toys said raven .. are you sure that I can thrust her said mrpickles '. Yes now remember when you see a mailbox that say grottolo that her home ok go now said raven he ran ..ben grabbed her . what are you doing said Ben ..m, noting am just looking at the window said raven'; follow me said Ben .' so she follow him they enter a toy castle' Here she is boss said Ben .'; who is this beautiful doll said james .,'; am raven and please don't hurt me said raven .'.fear not my lady I will not hurt you till me why do you have foot said james' .i was made by a girl said raven ,'. What that cant be but why said james ., you see sir I was made this way said raven ,. I see as you don't know I have 1 leg to would you be my girl said james .., raven knew that it will take time for mrpickles to fine Bianca ..' I will my love said raven ' ., good tailor I want you to make her the best dresses for her do you understand me said james .', yes sir follow me miss raven said tailor ., she follow him .. meanwhile mrpickles was still searching 4 Bianca .then he fine it as he enter her home .'.Bianca was going to have a baby but she was very sad .'.Bianca I buy you a new doll said Aaron. but I don't want a new one I want raven I promise myself that I will give her to our child but she gone said Bianca '.' there there there am sure someone will fine her look I go to the shop so you stay here ok said Aaron ' he lift Bianca fine mrpickles; .do you know where raven is said Bianca .. so you can talk to uses oh am sorry that I scary you but raven need you she trap at goodwill-daycare-center said mrpickles..' show me the way pleas do said Bianca so as there enter the car she drive very fast .;meanwhile raven was treaty like a queen she had her own dollhouse. she had her own car . she even had 25 dresses 'but that didn't make her happy you see she really miss Bianca and she was very sad .. 'what wrong raven you have everything you got pleas don't be sad said james .'. am sorry but I miss Bianca I want to go home said raven;' but you are home beside you don't need her you got me said james ., but no matter what he doe noting can make her smile '..until Bianca enter the daycare .;'; hello there my husband give you a box of toys and one of them is a family treasure may I have it back said Bianca '..,m sure what was it said bell.;' it was a blue face one-foot-doll said Bianca ..i see I remember seeing it come on follow me said bell as there enter the toy room bell look inside one of the doll houses she fine raven this what your looking for said ,'. Yes thank you for finding her said Bianca ,. np miss grottolo said bell'; but how did you knew my name said Bianca '..i heard you were a great toy maker and if you want her back then fix him said bell .. what happen to him it look like he has one leg said Bianca '..some kid broke him so is it deal said bell .'.ok I do it now may you pleas leave this room so I can fix him said Bianca ,.; sure oh and here his leg I kept it from the kids .k.what are you doing to me said james ,.; am gointg to fix and this time you will be broke prove said Bianca ..she cast a spell on him to make sure that he wouldn't get brokering '..bell I fix him what do you think said Bianca .'; wow you are good all right take her said bell '.. oh and one more thing I fine this pickles doll outside said Bianca .. as Bianca lift .james smile once again .. as there enter the car .Bianca drive home .'raven am so sorry pleas forgive me I didn't mean to do that it just I was getting older said Bianca .,. is ok Bianca am sure you didn't mean to but am glad that where together again said raven .. uhhhh it broke raven it time the baby it coming said Bianca .. oh boy what do I do said raven ,.; luckily raven knew how to use a phone she call Aaron .'.hello who this said Aaron ..sir your wife she about to have a baby '. what ohno not now where is she said Aaron '.where at the end of street 4&5 pleas come now said raven'; I will but who are you he ask .. am Bianca friend that all you need to know got that said raven .'. so Aaron drive fast and as he fine her car he notice raven the doll but he wonder who was that strange women ..anyway he drive Bianca to the hospital .;the doctors and nurse put her on a bed and roll her in a special room ,,Aaron and raven waited hour past.. the nurse said it a girl ..Aaron smile and jump and raven smile to ' he enter the room .'.she beautiful what are we going to name her said Aaron ..', I will name her raven st grottolo said Bianca ,'. That sound beautiful hey little raven here this is a gift from mom and me I hope you like her she name after you said Aaron .little raven hug her new doll and smile the end