As Stacy was swimming in the slimy lake just in her underwear, I could not keep my eyes off her beautiful body. She was like one sexy meal that I could not wait to have in my coils again, But heart sank as I realised that she would never want to see me again, not after how angry she was at me before.

As I looked at Stacy, I then noticed that there was something else in the water, It was a Slimy Octopus. The Slimy Octopus uses the slime in the lake to make the water feel attractive and inviting for it's prey to enter, plus with the slime in the water it gave an illusion that it was just a regular lake. But in fact the octopus was really hiding under the cover of slime just to get it's tentacles around it's prey.

Even as I saw this, I wanted to warn Stacy, but I waited knowing that it would be a bad time to come out of the trees with Stacy only in her bra and panties like this. My heart was in my mouth as I hopelessly watched the octopus slowly wrap its slimy tentacles around Stacy. She has no idea what is going on.


I felt something below me in the water, but didn't think anything of it just thinking it was a piece of the slime. But in time, I'd come to learn that it was much more than just slime. I felt it again and again over and over it irritating me. I was ready to just get out when I felt my foot get stuck on something in the water. It felt like solid ground, but it wasn't and much softer. Only after the thing got my other foot did I begin to panic.

Had I not panicked, it would have left me alone, but moving about made me seem like prey. I knew something else was in the water and I tried so hard to get out only for the Octopus to make its move and wrap around my body pulling me under the water starting the horrible process of drowning. I still kicked with a lack of air and punched to be let go, but it was no good and I could fee the tentacles pulling me towards it mouth getting ready to do what other animals had done before. Attempting to eat me alive and finish my life miserably.


I saw Stacy shout as she was being pulled under the slime by the octopus. The tentacles are wrapped themselves around her legs, arms and one tentacle then wrapped around her face stopping her from drowning. But this was for something more sinister. Usually the Octopus would then wrap more tentacles around it's prey's body, feeling them to get to know what their meal is like.

I heard Stacy trying to scream from under the slimy water as the octopus wrapped more of it's tentacles around her skin, between her thighs and also around her chest. I knew I had to do something fast so I grabbed one of my coconuts and carefully aimed for the dark shadow figure in the slimy water that was the body of the Octopus and Stacy still fighting with the tentacles tightly wrapped around her.


I might as well have drowned in the slime because the fear that this was giving me was so much worse compared to being in the water. I was in tears as the tentacle was on my face and the Octopus prepared for the final thing starting to pull my body into its mouth. I had nearly given up all hope feeling my feet enter into it's mouth, but kept kicking and fighting only hoping that I would be saved or die in peace

As the shadow image of Stacy tightly wrapped in the tentacles began to get pulled into the deeper darker shadow of the octopus under the slime, I realised that this was now or never. I threw the coconut towards the slimy body as hard as my tail could and the coconut made a huge splash in the slime as it hit the surface. I waited in silence hoping that I had hit the Octopus and not Stacy.


Kaa had hit the octopus, but the hard throw reflected the hit from the Octopus hitting me in the head as well nearly knocking me unconscious. The Octopus let me go from it's coils falling to the bottom of the lake, but I floated to the top reaching the surface to breathe finally. I was so scared and pushed passed the pain in my head to get to the shore.

With luck, I managed to get to the sure and fell down on the shore not sure what had saved me and injured in my head. I had a concussion and it was very dangerous for me to be about like this, but what choice did I have? I got up holding my head in tears tired of this jungle and put my clothes back on attempting to walk again out of this jungle with a splitting headache not caring about that stupid Octopus anymore.


My heart was in my mouth, but when Stacy broke the slimy water and got out of the lake, I breathed with a sigh of relief knowing that I had saved her life. But when I saw the blood on the back of her head, I felt pain in my heart as I realised that I had also hit Stacy too. I was so lucky not to have killed her.

As she then quickly got her clothes on and started to run, I quickly slithered across the trees following her as I knew well that she was heading into more danger in the deepest part of the jungle.


My concussion was so severe that impaired my judgement and the bleeding could be affected with infection very soon if I didn't have medical attention. It made it so hard to walk and I often stumbled about falling down and hurting myself more weakening my walk and will to even continue on. I kept walking slowly though to fall again and this time staying there as I started to shed a tear from the pains. Things were horrible out here and there was nothing I wanted more than to just get back and leave this jungle forever.

I was lost without hope, but something inside of me kept me strong and I got up despite a splitting headache and started walking again. It was so hard and I just stumbled about walking in no particular direction. I was to impaired now to care about myself and kept ploughing forward like a stupid child not listening to his parents to stop playing with fire, but eventually burning themselves.


As Stacy walked wearily, I slithered across the trees to follow here. She stopped to look at what seemed to be a large pink bed at the side of the walking path. Vines were across the path to make it hard for her to see where the path was and therefore her attention was on the lovely pink bed that looked attractive to Stacy.

But I looked on with my heart once again in my mouth, what seemed like a lovely pink bed was really the mouth of an open enormous Venus flytrap waiting to catch Stacy if she were to lay herself in it's maw.


I saw the pink bed and me with my splitting headache wanted nothing more than to lay down and rest. I wanted to lay down on it, but before I could do anything, my legs gave out on me and I fell to the ground again. The impact made me fall to my hands and knees and now I was so sure I would have to lay down. Nearly crying, I crawled miserably towards the bed so slowly with blood dripping from the gash concussion and cut on my head.

When I finally reached the bed, I landed my body weakly onto it and crawled my entire body sadly into the bed only have the Venus flytrap making it's move and closing it's mouth on me...


Once when Stacy was in the middle of the pink mouth of the Venus flytrap, it slowly started to close itself around Stacy's body and it looped some vines that were in the soft sticky mouth around Stacy's arms and legs pinning her into the middle of the mouth. As I saw Stacy's eyes open wide to her awareness, it was too late as when she lifted herself in a sitting position, the vines then wrapped themselves all around her.

The Venus flytrap plant can eat any animal including humans, so it did not surprise me to find that the plant was trying to eat Stacy once when she crawled herself into it's mouth.

I heard Stacy scream franticly as the lips of the Venus flytrap closed in on her like a clam and the long pointy (but also soft) teeth of the plant were starting to pin her neck between the clam like lips with her head the only thing that was outside of the plant's mouth.


I had all I could take in this jungle and started screaming and shouting for help. I kept screaming and just begging for anyone to help me as I felt the plant pulling me deeper into its mouth. I was so scared and me concussion making my screams very weak and hard for anyone to hear. I was so sure that this was the end of me and as more blood fell from my head into it's mouth making the horrible process quicker. I just screamed louder just hoping that someone, anyone would save me before it was to late...


As the vines were pulling Stacy's head into the Venus flytrap's mouth, I quickly got one of my coconuts in my tail and tried to aim for the plant. But suddenly I froze, what if I hit Stacy again? I could not put her life at even more stake. If I throw and my coconut hits her head again, I could kill her, but if I don't throw, then Stacy would be eaten. My heart was in mixed emotions of fear as I saw Stacy's face try to struggle out of the plant but the vines of the Venus flytrap were quickly pulling her in fast.


I was without hope now crying as I screamed aloud for help. I didn't care who saved me, but I just didn't want to die. This seemed to be the end of me as I was pulled into it's mouth to my nose cutting off my ability to speak. I did manage to get out one last time before more of me was taken in and just shouted aloud,

"Please help me! Please don't let me die..."

At that very moment, I was pulled into the plant's mouth completely and started the horrible process of being eaten alive. I was just getting pulled into the throat of the plant when my hopes were gone and all I could think about was how sorry I was for coming here and memories of the past flashed before my eyes. Was this my very last few moments of life...


Time seemed to stop in my heart as Stacy was pulled completely into the Venus flaytraps mouth. I did not think anymore, I just threw the coconut with my tail and the hard shell of the coconut just hit the plant hard. The plant was so stunned that it opened it's mouth up and Stacy's body rolled out of the plant.

I was not sure if she was alive but the bleeding from her head was worse that I knew that I had to help her. I then quickly slithered myself around her body and I quickly slithered off into the trees with Stacy's limp body, trying to find a way to help her stay alive.


I was alive, but just hanging on by a tread as my head was bleeding horribly now. I was not unconscious, but in a state towards it and crying heavily just letting anything happen. I didn't care anymore about anything and was going to give up and just go to sleep. Going to sleep though would only guarantee my death with my head injury. I didn't know where I was or what was going to happen. All I knew was that I was tired and just ready to give up from it all...


As I laid Stacy on her back in my bed of coils that I wrapped around her with in the tree branches, I knew that she was barely hanging on to life. As I looked closely at her head, I realised that I needed to do something that would make that bleeding stop,

I remembered from another human that I saw in the past teaching a snake like me how to cure small cuts with a bit of paw-paw and mango juices and mixing them into a creamy substance. Luckily the tree that I was in was full of Paw-paw and Mango's. So I quickly used my tail and my teeth to pluck the fruit from the tree branches and to cut open the fruit, I made a small bowl within my coils so mix in the Paw-paw fruit and the Mango juice and soon as I stirred it with my tail, it then became a creamy substance.

I then lightly patted Stacy's head with the Paw-paw cream to find the spot on her head that was bleeding and then rub the cream into her hair therefore stopping the bleeding and letting the soft cream and juice just heal her skin on her head. Then I just waited for Stacy to wake up, she was still breathing but I guess that I got to her just in time before that bleeding got her head infected.


Kaa had saved me just in time and yet so close to death he let me be that time. I was unconscious now as the loss of blood to my head made me weak and helpless. I passed out and was on my way to passing away but he applied the cream just in time stopping anymore precious blood from being lost and ultimately saving my life. Though alive, I was very vulnerable now and at Kaa's mercy. I slept helplessly in his coils every breathe that I took making my head hurt so much more and the exhales being moans of pain. I was going to be okay, but until I recovered, I was going to hurt very badly.

To Be Continued

Trust me Stacy 2: The Sequel. (MA 16+)

Part 3


As I watched Stacy rest within my bed of coils, my thoughts shifted a bit. I could have easily eaten her right now as I do have to eat humans in order to survive, but I am not that type of predator. I am the type to respect my prey and make sure that when I eat them, they feel as happy as possible. I always do that to every one of my female victims. I don't know why, perhaps it was my experience as a younger snake to be kind to humans even though mother nature intended me to eat them in order for me to live at the save time. So in that way, I was still unable to eat Stacy. Even as I had her in my coils and she was sleeping after her horrible ordeal, in my heart I felt that I could not eat her. At least not now, not until I have understood why she was angry at me in the first place and not until after I explain a bit of my own life to her, so she would know exactly why I put her life at risk earlier before she was mad at me.


Hours of horrible sleep passed after my rescue and finally I woke up in the middle of the night. My head was still horribly hurting and I could tell that I was alive. I was so weak and not sure where I was right now. It didn't take me long though to see that I was in the coils of a familiar snake and to see him made me angry again until my head was hurting past that anger. I didn't want to be held in the coils or in the embrace even of someone I didn't trust and tried to free myself as weak as I could moaning in pain as I did so. I struggled with whatever was in me and said,

"...Let... me... go... Kaa... Let me... go....."


Her response was obvious, but I could not let her go for if I did she would easily fall from the tree.

"Stacy, do you humans always say that to the thing that saved your life and cared for you when you were close to your death?"


Sadly, I didn't recall him saving my life at all and my heart was filled with nothing but hatred towards him. I didn't trust him and kept struggling in his coils loosing valuable strength and only making me more tired. I was in horrible shape struggling not hurting myself, but not helping the situation I was in either. I kept struggling with this burning hatred in my heart as I said,

"...You didn't... Save my life... You endangered it... Let... Me... Go..."


" have allot of things to learn in this jungle. Stop struggling or the wound on your head will only get worse for you."

I hissed loudly at Stacy.

"You are like a disobedient little girl. You are in no shape to be walking on your own in this dangerous jungle. I left you for an hour and I found you almost eaten alive and a nasty cut on your head. Now please, just stay calm and you will not cause any more damage to yourself. I am trying to help you."


To my dismay, I couldn't keep calm finding his story to hard to believe. He had put me in more danger knowing what was out there than I had being alone without knowing what was out there. I realized the jungle was a dangerous place, but I didn't want to stay in it and I especially didn't want to be in his coils any longer. I kept on struggling trying to get free, but to no avail. I had spent all my energy and was now just thrashing about making my head feel even worse. I didn't want to be in anymore danger and kept resisting everything that he told me to do. As I thrashed, I said,

"...You only put me in danger... Let me go... Please let me go... And leave me alone..."


My frustration to reason with Stacy was getting thin. So I did the only thing I knew how to do. Even if it was a bit extreme.

"Stacy...if you will not stop struggling then I will make you stop struggling in my coils."

I then started to move my bed of coils all around Stacy's body, closing my coils on her tighter and squeezing her until she could not move her arms or legs.


His squeezing on my body and my body now being unable to move made me panic out of this world. I couldn't move, but was still struggling to be let go. He was really scaring me now more than ever and the tighter his coils got, the worst my fear got to a point where I felt he was not just someone who had lost my trust... but now an enemy who cared nothing for me. I had all I could take as my head started to bleed again. Feeling the pain in my head again, I started crying so sure that if nothing else, I had written my own grave by trusting him. I felt more scared being with Kaa now than I had with all the animals and plants earlier. His tight coils on me scared me so much and I kept struggling trying to get loose crying aloud as I did. I just wanted to go home and leave this all behind. If I ever lived through the jungle, I'd never come back ever again for any reason.


Stacy's crying made me relax my squeeze on her body, but just kept her in my coils enough to make her stop moving, I noticed the bleeding on her head starting to get worse,

I then used my tail to get more of the Paw-paw and Mango cream and started to rub it on her head hoping that the soft cream on her head should ease her down a bit.

As I rubbed the cream on her head to stop the bleeding coming up again, I then tried to talk to her now that she could not move in my coils around her,

" don't know how hard it has been for me, you may think that the jungle is such a dangerous place now and for that...I am sorry to have scared you. But you don't know what it is like for me...if only you would listen to me and I can explain everything,"


My struggles had to cease when I could no longer get the energy to do anything more. My head was hurting to bad to do anything more and my crying only made me feel worse than I actually was. I didn't like being held so tightly in the coils, but finally came to realize that I was going nowhere until I settled down.

I would listen to what he had to say, but still had so much hatred towards him in my heart. I only wanted to know that I was safe and he would let me go or at least loosen the coil on me so I could feel more secure. Looking at him still in tears, I said,

"I'm not going to listen to you unless you promise me your not going to put my life in danger again and let me go or at least let the coils on me ease... I don't trust you or want to hear your story like this... I'll only listen if I feel safe and the coils are either off of me entirely, or loosened."


I let my coils around her chest loosen like Stacy wanted and I asked,

"Ok Stacy, I have let my coils around your chest loosen so you can breathe easy now, are you ready to listen to what I have to say?"


He had given me what I wanted and so I would give him what he wanted. It didn't stop me from crying, but I sat in his coils scared still that he might try to hurt me. Still though, I kept where I was able to breathe again and nodded yes. After the nod, I said,

"Fine... I'll listen..."


"Ok girl, now please listen."

I said to Stacy as I began my personal life story to her, well just to important bits, not my whole life in general.

"I was born into this world like all snakes were, alone and no one to find any motherly warmth from because as snakes are born, their mother leaves them and it is up to survival instinct to take it's course. But when I was a few months old, and at 6 meters long, I was sleeping on a tree branch one day and suddenly I felt a disturbance on the branch I was sitting on. I turned my head and it was this male human crawling along this branch in a light green shirt and shorts and he seemed to be fascinated with me. He kept on saying

"Oh...look at this..."


"Crikey...isn't he big for a young snake..."

He kept on talking to this girl who was holding this large black equipment that he called his, 'video camera',

Anyway as he continued to observe me sleeping, I got a bit annoyed and I got in my striking position. But he then backed away quickly but still he was on my branch saying things like

"Oh...I bet he is pissed off now, I have came into his territory and he does not like me coming in to disturb him sleeping".

This human was starting to get on my nerves so I started to swirl my eyes, but this was before I mastered my hypnosis, and all I did was that I made him laugh so much that he fell off the tree and his human companions (some of them were female and some were also male companions) had to catch him and then they helped this guy back to their camp.

After my encounter with this human, I decided to investigate what on earth he was doing in my jungle and why was he so interested in me like he was.”


I didn't say a word to tired to just wanting to get out of his coils. I listened to his story and found it to be sad, but I didn't say anything as I laid in his coils still feeling in danger and very scared of the fact that I was in danger of being put in harms way again.


Good, Stacy was at least listening to my story, So I continued...

"After getting to know this human, I saw the way that he interacted with some of the animals, he was getting so close even to the most dangerous animals like tigers and bears. But the interesting thing was like he would only get as close, then he would keep his distance by a small margin. As if he knew what they were capable of. I even saw him jump on top of alligators, not to scare them but one of them had trouble with laying its eggs and this human man and his nature assistants had to all jump on the alligator to sedate it, then free the trapped eggs from within the Alligator. I was quite surprised as no other animal could do that except for that human man. If he did not help that Alligator, she could have died from being eggbound.

From then on, I observed closely at what this human was doing, and since I was around being friendly with his female assistants, I gradually realised that I had a special gift. And that was my gift of Hypnosis. That human man then told me that if I focused on trying to make my focus of hypnosis understand me, then I could easily hypnotise them, and it was obvious since that many of his female wildlife assistants took an interest in me, I then began to teach myself human speech.

But the cost of that was that I would stop learning snake tongue and I was talking in human tongue. This caused me to loose my attractiveness to other female snakes. And when the human man and his wildlife assistants left, I was all alone with no-one to talk to. All of the other snakes would call me 'snake/human freak' and 'human in snake body', outrageous names that were not me,

All I wanted was a friend Stacy, just a friend to talk to. "

That was pretty much the long story short of my past life, I did not bother to tell Stacy everything, but that was all I wanted to tell her and it was all true.

"But my experience with that human man and his wildlife assistants gave me the understanding that in order to get to know about the animals and the plants of the jungle was to have close experience with them, even make a few mistakes and almost getting yourself killed, as long as you have someone to help you when things get difficult, you will be ok, or at least that was what I always thought until now when you got mad at me. Because before you, I was testing myself against other animals like the plants and the spiders and the octopuses, testing and allowing them to catch me and then they would almost try to kill me, I hit them with my coconuts. I did not have to learn, it was my animal survival instincts that allowed me to know the capabilities of the plants and animals of the jungle. But I made sure to keep my distance away from the more deadlier animals like the Tigers and the Bears and large Cats, those things are more deadly that they will strike when you show fear in your eyes. I am so sorry to scare you like I did today Stacy, but just be thankful that I did not show you the far more deadlier animals, for even they are out of my league if something horrible went wrong."


His story entered in my heart and took the hatred I had about him, but I still didn't trust him with putting my life in to much danger where I was helpless. I looked away at his coils and at the jungle below just to simply ask,

"Why did you though let me get put into so much danger if you knew what would happen? Twice you got me to close while you stayed at a safe distance away. Why did you risk me to demonstrate what you knew instead of just telling me what you knew?"


Well I knew I had to be careful about this answer, so I explained it to Stacy the best way I can,

"Well, let's say that I told you that this plant was dangerous. If I told you that, then you would not want to go near it. And let's say that if you were wondering the jungle by yourself, and you came across that same plant again, chances are that you knew that the plant was dangerous but you did not know why, and the smell of the pollen would be so good to you that you easily forget what I would have said and you would be easy prey for the plant without knowing of it's alluring pollen. Learning from your experience with me being in control of the situation, you would now have better understanding of that plant and why it is so dangerous. So therefore, you would easily recognise the plant from your personal experience, plus you would recognise the smell of the pollen and therefore you will be more resistant of the plant because of me giving your that experience to get to know that plant personally. Sure you can read in books about that plant, but it is entirely different to know about the plants and animals of this jungle in a personal level, in case if you ever wanted to come back again. Also when I first saw you in the jungle, you were deep in quicksand and I realised that if I was not there to save you, you most likely would have died. And just when I came back to find you after leaving you alone in the jungle again, you were almost completely eaten by that Venus flytrap and I had to save you again. If you ever wanted to come back to the jungle, I wanted to teach you a few survival techniques so you will be safer in the jungle by yourself."


His story made since to me, but it didn't explain why he would have waited until I was in the Plant's mouth before saving me. Starting to get restless in the coils again, I started attempting to get free as I said,

"That doesn't tell me why you would wait though until I was in the plant's mouth to save me. You let me smell the pollen that isn't bad, but the first hand experience in the plants mouth was more dangerous and very unneeded to me. Why go that far when smelling the plant was the only thing I needed to learn..."


I nodded my head down, feeling a bit of guilt on my words.

"Well, in my way of thinking, you just don't have to know about the smell of the plant, but you also needed to know of the consequences of you letting the smell of the plant take you over. Many other predators use not only just smell, but also camouflage and visual miss interpretation to catch their prey, to make it seem that everything is safe to the prey and leading them into a false sense of security. I can talk about this to you for the whole day but it is so boring and you will forget about it without putting my words into 1st hand experience. As you being inside the mouth of that plant, that was the point I was talking about. Letting you know what will happen and letting you know understand what could have happened if I was not there to safe you. But also you are right in a way saying I should not have let you go as far as I did, and for that I am so sorry Stacy, and my heart is hurting now since that I have now lost your trust because of that."


I heard what he had said and his words to me made my heart want to trust him again, but I just couldn't knowing that he might have been trying to hurt me even more than I already was. Still struggling in his coils with a splitting headache, I said,

"If you really want my trust, You will let me out of these coils where I feel so much danger and let me do what I want to do..."


Stacy was struggling, and getting restless, I knew that I was slowly getting though to her but talking was not enough, perhaps I need to give her a review of our lesson.

"If you really want to get out of my coils, then you will have to look into my eyes first."

As I said that, my eyes began to spin in bright colors.


I saw Kaa's eyes start to spiral, but didn't trust him enough to look and kept my eyes shut the action hurting my head. I wasn't going to do anything until he let me go. I wanted something before he gave me anything. I kept my eyes closed tight as I said,

"If you want to look in my eyes, then you will either let me go completely or at least enough to move so that I know your not going to hurt me. If you don't compromise with me, I'll not do anything with you in return Kaa."


I did what Stacy asked so I let all my coils around her relax so she would be free.

"Now Stacy, now that I have let you go, you have to look into my eyes now. It is totally unforgiving to back out of an offer."

I said while keeping my eyes in a spiral of colors.


He had let me go and I decided that I would let him look in my eyes, but if anything more happened to me, I was never going to trust him again. It took every ounce of trust in me to just look in his eyes, but I did open them looking in them and letting my own turn into spirals as they transformed, I said,

"...I'll look, but if you do anything wrong to me... I'll never trust you or ever want to see you again..."


Stacy's words were as cold as ice, but in a way, she was right. I had to be careful with Stacy and tell her what will happen in our review of what we have learned from earlier.

"OK Stacy, before I give you a review of what we have learned today, I will tell you what I will be going to do to you, but first, I know how you enjoy sleepwalking, so allow me to give you a nice peaceful sleepwalk."

As I swirled my eyes, I looked deeper into Stacy's eyes so that she will keep her eyes on me at all times. As I laid out my long body of coils for her to walk on, I guided her across the trees with my head in front of her face as she walked on my scaly body with her sandals.


I watched Kaa's eyes spiral before me not taking my eyes off of them for a single second. I kept staring deep into them as he pulled back and I got up for myself and started to walk. Walking was hard on my head, but it made me feel better and I started to walk around following his eyes on his body enjoying myself, but not feeling his scales with my sandals still on my feet. I walked though on his body not saying a word, nor in trance afraid that he might be attempting to hurt me. Still though it felt nice to sleepwalk and it made me relax, but my head causing to hurt me very badly as I was in no condition to be walking even though I enjoyed it.


As I got to where I wanted to go, I then stopped Stacy and made her sit down on my scales as I stared into the sandy ground.

"Stacy...remember when I first met you and you were sinking into quicksand?"

I asked, trying to get Stacy to remember when we first met.


I walked until I was where I needed to be and then I looked down to see the sand. I started to remember the time that we first meet and how he saved me. With me nearly in trance and tired, I nodded my head and said,

"...I remember that..."


I was pleased to know that even still under my light hypnosis on her, Stacy was still able to remember when she was stuck and sinking into the quicksand.

"Well, quicksand is neither plant or animal, but yet it is the single most dangerous thing in the jungle because of it being well hidden and so hard to escape from."

I used my tail to point down to the sandy ground so Stacy would notice what I was looking at.

"Down below us is a deep pit of deadly quicksand, but what would you say if I told you that quicksand was not as deadly as many people think?"


I looked at the quicksand realizing that it was very dangerous, but when Kaa told me it was not as dangerous as he had thought, I looked at him with a confused look on my face and slowly spiraling eyes. I didn't understand what he meant and asked after a yawn,

"...How is it not as dangerous..."


"I often asked myself that same question. You see no matter how we might try to tell you, our mind always seem to think and believe the myths of such things. But that is where quicksand is often the most deadly. You see...quicksand is made out of dirt and water and made into a deep muddy and sandy substance that when someone steps into it, they immediately sink into the quicksand. The more they struggle, the faster they sink. But what happens if they don't struggle? What will happen?"


I looked at him with confusion and then back at the quicksand feeling sleepy not sure what would happen. Though something about what he said made me think and come to a conclusion. I looked up at Kaa and said after another yawn,

"You don't sink at all?"


"Well you still sink, but not as fast. That is because when your body is thrashing and you are trying to fight out of the quicksand, you are only making yourself sink faster and making it far more worse. If you are calm, you only sink up to your neck as the air in your lungs will be able to keep your body floating up on the surface. Just like swimming in water, but quicksand is also harder to move around in once when you have sunk up to your neck. Many animals and even humans think that they will be swallowed below the surface of the quicksand as if there was a monster pulling them down, But nothing can be more further from the truth. If you are calm, and you don't thrash around, then you will not sink over your head. But if you thrash and if you panic, then you will die not because of the quicksand, but because of you making yourself sink further over your head. That is a common and fatal mistake for any human and animal to make."


I was fully able to learn this lesson and yet was so sleepy and in so much pain that I couldn't stay awake. The thoughts of his first time saving me made me feel thankful of him letting me know what I did wrong the first time I was walking alone in the jungle. Feeling to tired to stay awake, I let my body fall onto his neck coil falling into a light sleep with both exhaustion and trance. As I laid there taking with me this lesson and the memories, I said,

"...I'm sorry... I'm tired... Thank you for helping me with the quicksand... when we first met..."

I didn't know anything would happen from what I had said, but I laid on his neck completely exhausted and helpless starting to find trust in him once again. I laid on his neck as if he were a good friend and smiled to myself as I drifted off to sleep.


Stacy took me by surprise when she fell asleep on my neck coil, but I had once again gained more of her trust. I stopped my light hypnosis on her as I let her rest on my neck coil and I used the rest of my long body to slowly wrap around her to form a soft sleeping blanket for her to lay on.

I checked Stacy's head and the wound was being healed from the Paw-paw cream that I put on her from earlier. She would be ok when morning comes.

"Ok Stacy, you can rest in my coils for now. When morning comes, we can put our quicksand revision to the test."

I said to her as I kissed Stacy's forehead to wish her sweet dreams.


I slept soundly in his coils, my head injury healing very well as I recovered. His coils were so soft and comforting as I slept in them and the hypnosis he had placed on me made me feel at ease and peaceful. I kept sleeping in his coils murmuring in my sleep just before after his kissed my forehead,

"...Good night..."

That was the last thing I said before I drifted off to sleep and started to dream of the nice time Kaa had given to me a long time ago. The time when we had first met when he saved me and hypnotized me to sleepwalk from the bridge to the cave. Letting me relax on a soft rock and then the slime bath. All the memories passed by and made me remember what had happened helping me to build in his trust once again.


I woke up with Stacy in my coils. She looked so peaceful and she was looking even tastier for me to eat, But once again I resisted my temptation and just focused on one thing, just keeping her trust. After almost losing her trust completely yesterday, there was no way I wanted to lose her trust again. Her trust in me was more important than my stomach that was aching to have her. So I decided to stick to my plan and slowly seduce her and make her last day in the jungle a memorable one for her.


Not long after Kaa awoke, I woke up as well, my first words being pure moans of pain. I lifted my hand out of the coils to rub my head that was still hurting and saw Kaa looking at me. I didn't trust him as strongly as I had a long time ago, but I did trust Kaa again to a certain extent. Not enough to see any more plants or animals, but I did trust him well enough to be with him. I let my hand rest back on his coils and moved my other arm free while I moved looked at Kaa only to moan,

"...My head is really hurting..."


I heard Stacy moan in pain as she started to rub the back on her head. Even though the bleeding had stopped and her wound had healed, she still had a headache.

I then used my coils around her body to slowly massage her back to try and to make her forget about the pain on her head and focus on the sensations on her body as I moved my coils across her stomach and her back.

"I hope that my morning massage is able to help you Stacy." I said.


I didn't want to say anything just yet not sure if what I saw last night in my memories was a dream or true reality. It seemed very real as if I relived the experience, but the massage helped me to forget my headache and focus more on the present moment that was at hand. I was rather tired yet and scared of Kaa that he might try to take me on another tour again. The only words I could muffle out right now though was,